July 12, 2021

Discovering Data with the Robot Training Academy

In this series, RTA Instructor Lee Doucet shares what students are learning in their training, what data projects they're participating in, and what data curiosities they might have uncovered in their journey with rel8ed.to. Let's check in to see what students were up to last week...

Week 1: The 411 on all things Data

The students at the Robot Training Academy have completed their first week and it’s been a huge success.

We kicked off the week learning investigation techniques with Data Analyst Samantha Brosius. Then students jumped into learning about Business Analyst Andres Avila’s work extracting, cleaning, and presenting data as a business case.

After only an hour of lectures, students were already working with large data sets and successfully transforming them. Even more amazing is this data work is exactly what Andres Avila does for rel8ed.to Analytics professionally -- it looks like we may have some replacements for Andres when he leaves to return full time for his masters in the fall 😉

When students are not working on data projects, they are networking with industry professionals to build confidence and learn how their new skills are applicable in the job market.

This week, after a workshop on data privacy and compliance, students had the opportunity to talk to guest speaker William Trefiak, a Cybersecurity and Privacy Associate at PwC Canada. Students were eager to connect directly with an industry professional working on topics that they had just learnt about.

In this open Q&A, William was kind enough to open up the floor for students to ask him any an all questions about his journey to PwC, the life of a consultant, and the current privacy landscape. William reinforced what students had just learnt in their workshops about GDPR in the EU, CCPA in California, and changes happening in Canada around data privacy and compliance.

And before parting, William left us with some touching advice after RTA student Misbah asked what he would tell his younger self. Without skipping a beat, William said, “Go easy on yourself, life is going to be okay. Oh, and try and enjoy life as much as possible before you start to work.”

A great message for our students and a great way to end the week. (Although the instructor pondered if that advice could be taken as quit the RTA program to enjoy the summer outdoors. Hopefully not!)

This post was written by Lee Doucet.

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