We’ve seen a lot of data, and built a lot of tools to collect and analyze it. How do we do it? Take a peek inside.

Curious Data Gathering

It all starts with an eye on the freshest public data available, from any global source. Sure, we index all the registries worldwide. But we're constantly asking the question: where can we find that piece of information? You'd be surprised what we've found lately.
Check this out!

Cleaning, Processing and Enhancing

Delivering trusted data means paying careful attention to the details. Data quality is built into every step of our process

Modeling, Balancing and Robot-training

Clean Data's just the beginning - we're experts at coaxing real meaning out of raw information. Our tools deliver risk models for Banking and Insurance, security models for Public Sector Intelligence, and selection models for Market Research and Sales Leads.

Want to see a Robot in action? Our AI work puts a new spin on the old problem of Business Classification.

Get Access to our World-Class Data and Insights


Embed realtime data in your own applications with a simple-to-use interface and high security. 


Drive intelligent decisions in your own workflows and discover hidden trends using our AI and Natural Language engines. 


Gain access to our complete dataset, or the perfect portion that will power your own engines. 
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St. Catharines ON L2R 7E1

260 East Main St. #6000,
Rochester NY 14604

701 Ellicott Street,
Buffalo NY 14203

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