Class workshops and offerings for Fall 2021. Learn web scraping and data for business purposes with experts in the field.

We believe the future of AI and Analytics-driven innovations will be defined by the “thinkers” as much as the “coders." And we’ve been ignoring the role in finding smart thinkers to help our artificially intelligent systems deliver value.
- Bob Lytle, CEO Analytics


The Robot Training Academy (RTA) is planning for its fall term after a successful pilot with
students this summer. We are currently talking to teachers and program coordinators who
would be interested in having their students attend a workshop where they learn targeted skills to help them with their academic studies.

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Workshop I: Web Scraping

Web scraping is an essential data science skill. Students will need data for their projects in class, and we'll help teach several ways data can be gathered from websites. Of fundamental concern is ensuring that we share with students the importance of collecting CLEAN and ETHICALLY sourced data -- we only use data that is readily available and where permission has been given.

Our workshop will demonstrate three methods of retrieving data:

1) Getting data without code and only requiring your web browser;

2) PDFs are everywhere; we'll demonstrate how to obtain data from them;

3) For those that are more advanced, we will have scraping with Python. For students who
are not comfortable coding, code will be available and help will be offered to assist students through the process.

Environments: Web Browser, Google Collaborate (for anything similar that runs Python), and
Tabula for PDFs

Student Benefit: Demystify the data gathering process from websites through several methods
that will improve their data science skills and helping their term projects
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Workshop II: Understanding Data for Business Purposes

Data helps drive business decisions and this workshop will gives students hands-on experience
with the process. This workshop focuses around the combination of domain expertise and data
manipulation through spreadsheets as students practice on a real industry case.

By the end of the workshop, students will have completed:

1) Transformed / manipulated a dataset through a multi-step process

2) Evaluated the data – determine what data is useful and what is not

3) Analyze the data and then create a small presentation

Environments: Microsoft Excel and Power Point (or equivalent)

Student Benefit: Students will gain experience in a multi-step project that involves putting data
together to support a business case and create an analysis. This will help them prepare for their
own in-class presentations and case studies through communicating with data.


Workshop I: Web Scraping is being offered on October 4th at 7:00pm EST until 9:00pm EST.

Workshop II: Understanding Data for Business Purposes is being offered on October 25th at
7:00pm EST until 9:00pm EST.

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The RTA prides itself in offering micro-credentials to students who have completed work
assignments with us. We are offering two tracks of workshops in the fall:

1) Students who want to just learn about the material and practice

2) Students who want to take it a step further and complete a set amount of work related
to the workshop followed by passing a quality check from our data or business analyst

Successful completion of the second track will earn a student a micro-credential that they can share on social media!

To find out more, download this information flyer.
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