June 3, 2021

The Robot Training Academy

If we told you that you could help train robots this summer – would you be interested?

This July, rel8ed.to Analytics will launch our “Robot Training Academy,” a training program offering micro-credentials in Data Processing and Data Understanding.

The Academy is for any high school, undergraduate, or graduate student with an interest in data analytics and AI. No data experience is required – we’ll help you with all that!

What's required to participate?

Just your curiosity in how the world of data works.

Why? Because here at rel8ed.to we believe the future of AI and Analytics-driven innovations will be defined by the curious thinkers as much as the coders. And we’ve been ignoring the role in finding smart thinkers to help our artificially intelligent systems deliver value.

That's why the Robot Training Academy will help you learn both the technical skills in data science AND the analytical skills required to interpret data and fine-tune (or "train") our AI systems.

Are you driven by a natural curiosity? Excited by the idea of discovering strange new findings?

Then come join us!

Here’s 3 more reasons to join the Robot Training Academy:

1. The future of work will be different. 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic transformed how we work. As the world becomes more and more reliant on data and AI, it's essential that we cultivate best practices for technology, processes, and delivery systems. While not everyone will become a coder, companies will need people who are familiar with--and can take advantage of--data to solve business problems from either a technical or non-technical lens.

2. This is a chance to train robots, what more could you ask for?! We're giving participants hands-on experience training AI--because machines, no matter how fast, are limited. They need the help of a human eye (and brain). You'll be working on real projects and real data. Don't worry if you don't have previous experience. The training programs include both technical and non-technical classes, and our subject matter experts will be there to assist participants throughout. Our utmost concern is for student experience and success, so each lesson is designed for appropriate skill levels to ensure completion of the program.

3. Explore new frontiers everyday. You'll learn something new everyday. Each module of the program is delivered over a couple days, so participants will be introduced to new ideas and data frequently. We also believe in experiential learning, which means lectures are kept at a minimum and students will become familiar with data through performing actual data work. You'll get hands-on experience in a professional lab, identifying data sources, analyzing data sets, and training AI systems.

How does the Robot Training Academy work?

The Robot Training Academy is entirely remote, which means all you need is a computer and an internet connection. There are two focus areas participants can choose from: Data Processing and Data Understanding.

The trainings offered in Data Processing include topics such:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Processing with Python
  • Website Scraping
  • Decision Tree Algorithms
  • Querying Data

The trainings offered in Data Understanding include topics such as:

  • Data Research
  • Classifying Data Sources
  • Data Quality
  • Website Tagging
  • Ethics and Data Sources

The Academy runs from July 5th to August 13th.

Sound Exciting? Register today!

We are actively recruiting students with our school partners. If training robots and learning about the future of data science and AI sounds like fun to you -- join us! The Robot Training Academy is being offered at no cost to students. (Space is limited, so reach out soon if you're interested.)

Ready to enroll? We currently have partnerships for students to enroll at SUNY Buffalo State College, Brock University (Canada), and the District School Board of Niagara (Canada). And, we're also welcoming students-at-large for full or partial participation.

Enroll in the Academy HERE.

OR email us at rta@rel8ed.to with questions about enrollment.

This post was written by Lee Doucet.

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