November 10, 2022

Diligence Leads: Putting the Power of Big Data in Your (Everyone’s) Hands

We are excited.

We’re excited because our award-winning Diligence platform is being used more than ever before.

Companies of all sizes are utilizing our data and our powerful algorithms to grow their companies strategically.

From governments to giant tech firms to growing manufacturers and small businesses, our data is helping people navigate the post-pandemic global economy, by enabling their decision-making to be smarter and more effective.

Today, we officially launch our new Diligence Leads program.

Come see what it’s all about.

Diligence Leads for Associations

So, how are we connecting with all of these businesses, especially the small and medium-sized (but growing) ones, that are often hard to get to?

Working with our partner, Momentum, we’ve created a program, Diligence Leads for Associations, where business associations – think chambers of commerce, industry groups, incubators/accelerators – can provide Diligence to their members/users, strengthen their own efforts in their communities in the process.

Diligence Leads is designed to get our Diligence platform into as many companies’ hands as possible – complete with training, help desk resources and on-going support through an exclusive Diligence LinkedIn group.

During the pandemic, we did a test run with World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara that we called “Trade Data Connect” (TDC), and a number of companies took advantage of the offer to utilize the platform.

TDC was the precursor to the launch of Diligence Leads, once we had some lessons learned, including proof that using associations was a viable way to make our data and algorithms more widely available.

What’s important for the organizations we work with on Diligence Leads is that opening our service to their members is 100% aligned with their missions of helping their members/users grow.

Diligence Leads is one of the most powerful business growth tools they can have in their toolbox, for members large or small.

In addition, any association that signs up with us to make Diligence Leads available to their members gets not only access to the platform themselves, but we put our algorithms to work for them – there’s not a business association in existence that’s not looking to grow its membership… Diligence tells them where those future members are.

Helping Companies – Especially Small Businesses – Grow

So, what does this really mean? Why do we want smaller businesses using our “Big Data” solutions?

One of the reasons we built Diligence Leads to be used by associations, particularly chambers of commerce, is that that’s where the small and medium-sized businesses are.

We know that, typically, when smaller businesses invest in data, it’s the purchase of a leads list – which, incidentally, in itself, puts those who do just that far ahead of their competitors.

We know we can do even better.

The Diligence platform provides “Big Data” solutions that used to only be available to the largest organizations… And we know, because we have governments, banks and massive tech firms that are using it.

But, Diligence also offers incredible, ever-growing datasets, intuitive AI, and talented, creative analysts behind the scenes (real people), all working to help your company grow strategically and with purpose.

And, it’s easy.

We’ve intentionally taken the “overwhelming” out of using data, because we know it’s one of the primary roadblocks (excuses?).

We’re proud of the user-friendly thought that as gone into the Diligence platform, and can’t wait to see what you’re able to do with it.


More Activity Means Better Data

If you know data, there’s an important truth: the more people use our database, the more our team can uncover, and the more findings we can offer to all of our users – check out our latest reveals:

When we do a data project for a client, for a partner association, or for ourselves, it’s never a one-time thing.

It’s part of our process not to think of it as a one-time thing.

Every inquiry into Diligence is a data set that tells a bigger story that can be important to many users.

We want as many companies as possible digging into our data, and helping us to tell those stories.

Which is why, as we outline in our blog (“Train 2”), we don’t nickel-and-dime companies, like you might see from other tech firms and products.

You buy a subscription, and you’re into the platform – if you need multiple users, they're in, as well.

Because we want you using it.

Next Steps

Can you see why we’re excited?!

We are rolling out Diligence Leads to chambers of commerce and other associations around North America as we speak.

If we haven’t signed on your business association yet, please connect us (you’ll build a stronger relationship with them for doing so, because there’s lots of value in it for them – including revenue opportunities).

In the meantime, you can get some additional information on Diligence Leads here:

Diligence Leads for Users – Are you a company or organization looking to strengthen your data to gain better understanding of your customers, prospects and distributors? Check out our Diligence for Users flyer (.pdf)

Diligence Leads for Associations – Are you an association that provides business growth tools to your members/users, and would like to put the power of Big Data in their hands? Look no further than our Diligence Leads for Associations flyer (.pdf).

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