August 17, 2021

Diligence Leads: When a Hammer Isn't Enough

You're probably familiar with the saying, "If Your Only Tool Is a Hammer Then Every Problem Looks Like a Nail."

Well, the same applies to lead generation strategies and data. It's not surprising how different types of clients require different types of solutions to push their business forward. In our experience each company requires specific tools or functionalities at various stages.

When we talk about data, identifying leads and understanding a market, though, one thing remains the same for all businesses: having the right toolkit is essential.

In our case, we believe the Diligence platform is a great solution for lead generation and understanding market opportunities. Our proprietary platform allows users to find different types of businesses based on a number of different criteria including: name, industry, location, etc.

In the most practical sense, Diligence allows an organization to access one of the largest pools of open sourced and public data to identify companies, their relationships to others, and in some cases individuals involved in these companies.

How does Diligence work?

Our highly skilled team has constructed a model under which open sourced and public data can be linked to find unconventional pieces of information. For example, one of our most recent clients targeted franchised restaurants to sell its services. While the approach might seem obvious “call the restaurant and speak with the manager”, we took a slightly different route.

By linking publicly available contact information we were able to trace individuals and relate their information to other businesses. This allowed us to identify owners (or directors) of several franchise units within an area. That way our client would have the ability to penetrate a specific market by approaching the top 5 individuals that owned the most franchise units in a state.

The power of Diligence, is that it’s not limited to just contact information insights. In fact, one of the most common requests that we get is to dig into a specific industry and find related businesses within their supply chain or sector. Think about a company that manufactures equipment components. Large manufacturers are widely known, but who are their suppliers? That is where Diligence comes in, giving you the flexibility to

  • understand the size of your target market (based on our database) and;
  • find companies that are related to “big fish” through our data.

The value of Diligence to our users cannot be understated. When we think about saving time and effort devoted to identifying or expanding your market, having access to the right type of information is vital.

One of Diligence’s most important features comes into play with what we call “delivery jobs.” Delivery jobs are personalized datasets that our team develops to meet the unique and specific needs of our users by containing hundreds or thousands of records carefully curated. On top of that, delivery jobs can be created by the user, by uploading a list of companies into the platform, where they will be matched to our database to find underlying connections.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage Diligence to expand your business, please don’t hesitate and engage with us.

This post was written by Business Analyst, Andres Avila.

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