October 21, 2020

Artificial Intelligence isn’t Science Fiction Anymore

In the last few years, we have seen an emergence in the popularity and advancement of “AI” or Artificial Intelligence. It is the science of teaching machines to become human-like and as innovation accelerates, there is a heightened flurry of misconceptions surrounding the new technological advanced concept of AI. This is understandable. Skepticism often follows change because the value and full potential that disrupts the status quo are rarely recognized in the early stages. It takes time to socialize and settle people’s fears and apprehensions about doing things differently and shifting to a new normal.

Believe it or not many of us are already using AI in our daily lives. Many services and technologies today incorporate an AI one way or another.


For example, smartphones, whether an Android device or an Apple device, include Virtual Personal Assistants. Android devices have Google Now and Cortana, and Apple devices have Siri. These virtual personal assistants who respond to your requests are all forms of AI. AI is also being used on mobile devices to collect information about user activity with user consent, to help serve them with tailored personal results.


Another common form of AI that we see being used in our daily lives is Movie and Music recommendations on sites like Netflix and YouTube. YouTube’s product chief says “70 percent of the time you watch, you’re riding a chain of recommendations driven by artificial intelligence.” Netflix recommends movies and TV shows to users based off of previously watched movies or TV shows. AI is being used to help create a better user experience by learning and predicting the interest of users. AI analyzes themes in the types of movies and TV shows such as actions or drama themes, which then get processed by the AI resulting in effective suggestions.

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection is also a very common form of AI that is being used behind the scenes. Purchases made using a credit card are cataloged by the credit card company to track and learn a user’s purchasing behaviors and patterns. Data is continuously being collected which is then monitored by an AI to detect fraud. People program the AI to look for indicators and clues in these datasets to help detect credit card fraud.

AI is and will continue to be an extremely valuable tool that can be used across many industries. AI is nothing to be feared rather it should be welcomed as we have yet to discover its full potential. At Rel8ed.to, we are constantly working towards improving and expanding our knowledge of AI. Rel8ed.to offers exceptional service by helping to articulate complex data sets with the assistance of AI. We use artificial intelligence to organize massive amounts of data, helping in bringing new business insights and opportunities.

This post was written by George Alimisis

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