Do you really Know Your Customer?
We do. enables deep business data analytics on Big+Open Data, delivering hidden insights about corporations.

We combine North America’s largest repository of business data with proprietary algorithms, revealing links between businesses, owners, suppliers and competitors.

This unique collaboration of Clean Open Data, fresh technologies, and creative analytics energises your business opportunities.

We use data and algorithms to assist customers as they identify risk and project market winners and losers at the industry, regional, and individual corporation level.

We deliver value for Financial Services/Insurance, Marketing, and Investigations, and provide big data applications for business modeling and analytics for both commercial and government/academic research.

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The company offers proprietary data products and algorithms based on Open and Public Data.


Financial institutions and insurance carriers use our Big Data Analytics Solutions and Data Services for acquisition, cross-selling, and risk management.

Sales and Marketing departments engage new customers with our Active Analytics.


Investigators utilise our unique toolset to unearth new information, locate emerging relationships and combat fraud.

The academic community enables our Insightful Research and explores our data in new ways.


You know your business. We Know Your Customer. Join us as we open connections to your world.