Big Data Science

Our products help your business succeed with Big+Open Data. Our complimentary services accelerate in-house analytics strategies and provide complete outsourced predictive analytics and research solutions.

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Data Services

Big data analysis, predictive analytics, and data mining.

Advanced Data

Our exclusive Big+Open Data paints a complete picture of corporate clusters, business ownership, and supplier networks for customer acquisition and risk management

Clean Open Data

Our Curated Open Data sets deliver standardised, accurate data elements to enhance your internal systems and jump-start your analytics projects

Feature Appends

Add hidden corporate information and social media analysis to your data sets for portfolio review, segmentation, and marketing

Active Analytics


Predictive Models

Our custom algorithms help you project market opportunities.  Predictive analytics strategies identify hidden risks and new customers

Actionable Alerts

Subscribe to alerts on your portfolio, and we’ll notify you of key events in the business lifecycle for the companies you watch

Analytics Consulting Services

Need assistance using Big+Open Data in your own business and risk modeling processes?  We help you make the most of our data services

Insightful Research


Big+Open Data Analysis

We conduct assessments of corporations and market trends using Open Data sources.  Use our published findings to energise your own research

Market Analysis and Support Services

Contact us for private assessments of corporations, and market trends.  Enrich your next Annual Report or Expansion Plan with our data and analytics services

Energise your own research with our curated Open, Partner and proprietary Advanced Datasets.