When we launched our predictive analytics services, we knew we needed the right tools for modeling our Advanced Business Data:

simplicity and speed: quick ramp-up for our researchers

operational flexibility: model execution in-line with our transactions

data security options: processing locally or in the cloud

There was really only one choice that could fully support the rel8ed.to vision for Active Analytics:  RapidMiner.

We are proud to partner with the brilliant folks at RapidMiner as we merge their innovative predictive analytics toolset with our Advanced Business Data.  rel8ed.to’s Active Analytics products and Insightful Research projects benefit from their powerful, visual modeling tools —  bringing fresh assessments to our clients at amazing speed.

The Citizen Data Scientist is the analyst of the future.  This is you, enabled with the data and tools to build your own Big+Open Data story.  Click here to learn how RapidMiner is enabling analytics for the masses.  Better yet, why not download the Community Edition and immerse yourself in your own data analytics exercise today?

Contact Us to learn how to leverage RapidMiner in your own analytics endeavours.