When we designed our Advanced Business Data product, we knew we were going to need a technical partner to enable:

realtime relationship creation

eminent flexibility in design

the ability to handle massive data volumes at amazing speed

There was really only one choice that could fully support the mission of Open Connections:  Neo4j.

Graph database technology enables an infinite number of links between nodes.  These relationships power the story and bring a new level of insight into your own datasets.

Our partnership with Neo4j brings the #1 graph database implementation into the realm of Open Data, and the results are just phenomenal.  When you link together as much data as we do every day, you need a solid partner and premiere technology stack.  Click here to learn more about the Neo4j story.  Better yet, why not download the Community Edition yourself to immediately see your data in a whole new way?

Contact Us to learn how to implement Neo4j for your own data projects.