Innovate Niagara

When your business is based on data relationships, you naturally seek out companions who share your outlook. is proud to be selected as the newest portfolio company of the Generator at One.  Part of the Innovate Niagara family of business acceleration hubs, the Generator specialises in innovative digital media and data rendering techniques that will literally blow your mind.

We surround ourselves with these emerging masters of Canada’s interactive gaming, film, and animation industry for one big reason:  their work points to the future of Big+Open Data analytics and visualisation.

With access to industry-leading animation and film equipment, a full media and broadcast studio, and two top Canadian higher educational institutions within a stone’s throw of the office, Innovate Niagara’s value proposition for creative businesses surpasses many of those “major tech centres” you hear so much about.

The Generator at One - St. Catharines, Niagara -

Making connections is what does with Open Data.  Supporting connections between industry, academia, and creative geniuses is the mission of Innovate Niagara.

If you’re an Ontario business with a creative edge, this is the place to be. Click here to learn more about this one-of-a-kind business support centre.