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As analytical types, one of our goals is to ensure that the data we have access to can enable ACTION by those we are trying to reach with the data – whether it be an internal or external client.  One tried and true way is via visualizations.  We have come a long way since I first did this with Lotus123 decades ago.  There are many great tools out there now which enable the analyst to do this.

Opportunity is Data VizArt

Deloitte, CIBC, & Tableau have put together a contest – with real financial prizes – for you to showcase some data they have put together.  (Shameless self-plug; this is one way to see some data as we are major contributors along with some other great data firms who also happen to be our friends.)  The judging criteria is on innovation, design, storytelling, and analytical correctness.  This is just for those attending Canadian post-secondary institutions.  All the details for the Data VizArt challenge are here:

This is a team event, so grab a buddy or 2.  Besides the financial prizes, there is the notoriety which will be there; this will make for a great resume insertion – even if you don’t win.  Let me assure you that the finalists DO go noticed and they are very APPEALING to firms when you graduate.  Your academic institution will also get bragging rights – the dean may even become your best friend.  The preliminaries start this week and go for 3 weeks.  There is NO COST to enter.

Some of you may be saying, ‘but I know nothing about Tableau’.  To help you out, we at will be dedicating our blogs to this endeavor – so look for at least twice a week updates here.  We will show you how to download your FREE copy of Tableau, share with you some great videos on how to get started on the software, and then give you some ideas of the capabilities of Tableau. You will need the time, so form your team, YOU CAN DO IT!  In the worst case scenario, you will learn a new BI program.

Get in it to win it.

Are you ready to get started?  See below for how to get Tableau loaded and some basic operating videos.  After that, go register for the event.  Check back in a few days for some next steps and suggestions.

Download the Tableau Public Free Trial ( and watch a few Tableau tutorial videos from  Yes, I realize there are 9 hours worth of videos.  I would suggest you divide and conquer with your teammates.  In all honesty, after playing around with the software a bit, many of the things become self evident.  So, you don’t need to finish the whole syllabus.  Getting started – the Tableau interface is very good for an intro.  Connecting to the data (Getting started with data) is quick but important.  These portions will take less than half an hour combined.  Later, when you look at the data for the contest, understanding the merging datasets would probably be helpful.  Next, start playing with the data.

In future posts, we will be discussing data presentation as well as graphical ways to do this.  Check back later as we continue to highlight DVA 2019.

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