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Where Data Meets Education

Discovering patterns propels every discipline forward.  BE the fuel to the data revolution; initiate the change!

TAKE THE SURVEY AT: is delighted to introduce a new initiative for Ontario teachers: a simple and engaging teaching solution aimed at improving both the learning and teaching experiences of math courses using open data.

The ideal time to launch our survey came with the CONNECT and OAME conferences, which brought together a wide range of individuals from the education and the IT world, and targeted the use of technology to facilitate learning and improve critical thinking. The workshops covered literally every sphere of learning: from new techy tools to teaching approaches, and enhanced student and parental engagement strategies.

Students using Big Data. rel8edto.

3 Steps to Educ8te Yourself believes that successful data proficiency comes from a combination of all those key elements in a learning environment.  We are building bridges between data and education by taking into account teachers, students and their work environment.  Our solution guides you and your class through our “educ8ed” process:

Investig8e: explore your connections to the world

Correl8e: discover new insights through data analysis

Communic8e: create data stories that make a difference in our society 

These three steps are the core of a fantastic journey through the realm of influential data, providing real, hands-on problem solving experience to beginners and experienced alike.  We offer features to decrease teachers’ workload and provide a simple and engaging approach for student data proficiency.  The visual approach enhances understanding of data representation and analysis.

These skills are now essential in the Information Economy and will help students thrive in our evolving world.

Big Data Thinking. Rel8edtoYou are the expert in your field: you know your work environment, your students, and the challenges you face.  Your feedback from the survey helps us in the next stages of this initiative, and facilitates the identification of difficulties encountered by educators when teaching about data. In other words, YOU have a direct impact on the Big Data Revolution in your school!

Participants will receive early access to Big Data tools & training, and will have the chance to pilot the solution in the 2016-2017 school year.



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