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March 3, 2016 3:33 pm Published by

Digital Media Innovation in Niagara: A World-Class Partnership

It’s game on for us! We’re excited to be a part of the emerging digital media and technology innovation in downtown St. Catharines, Niagara. See the press release below for full details on our partnership with the Generator at one and becoming one of their portfolio companies.



March 1, 2016


“New predictive analytics startup helps Financial Services companies make better decisions through public data.”

Niagara Region, March 1, 2016 – Data analytics startup has joined the Generator at one’s suite of portfolio companies at 1 St. Paul Street in downtown St. Catharines. Founded by Chicago expat and former credit bureau executive Bob Lytle, aims to help new business owners and financial decision-makers including banks, funders, and insurance companies to make better decisions by discovering hidden connections between public records.

With access to hundreds of public data sources containing over 45 million business records, applies ‘relationship technology’ to Big Data, discovering hidden business connections and painting a complete picture of ownership, location, licensing, social media, and other public attributes of corporations.

Their proprietary algorithms use Artificial Intelligence to better inform’s clients, which include Financial Services decision makers wanting a more complete picture of their commercial customers, and researchers seeking insights on markets, opportunities, and trends.

On why he chose Niagara for launching his startup, Lytle says “I couldn’t do what I’m doing in Chicago, the startup ecosystem is so much stronger here in Ontario. The Greater Toronto Area is welcoming, but transport and commercial costs limit our opportunities. Everyone in Niagara has been so friendly and encouraging. It’s clear that people want to attract and retain advanced interactive technology businesses in the region.”

Steve Boese, Manager of the Generator at one, is thrilled to have join the growing number of portfolio companies at the Generator at one. Boese initially met with the Lytle approximately four months ago, and in that short time, has opened up shop in Niagara.

“Having become a portfolio company at the Generator at one is a testament to the world-class interactive digital media ecosystem we are cultivating”.

Boese adds, “We’re competing on a global level in Niagara. It’s a profound indicator of economic viability when a company from another country, especially a high potential company like, is compelled to open their business here.”

Although Lytle forecasts a large client base from the U.S., the Niagara transplant says his long-term goal is to continue serving’s global customers from Niagara, and to promote the area as a great place to do business.

Lytle anticipates staffing largely from the talent pool coming out of Brock University and Niagara College, and is excited to work with the “sharp, eager, and curious minds,” and the advanced research coming from these institutions. Boese states, “It’s the converse of the brain drain exodus. Having a digital-tech startup open and invest here, and hire talent from our local post-secondary institutions, is a win for the entire Niagara Region.”

Lytle plans an active effort to engage and educate the business community about the power and purpose of Open Data sources, through blogging, public speaking appearances, webinars, and more.


enables deep business data analytics on Big + Open Data, delivering hidden insights about corporations. We combine North America’s largest repository of business data with proprietary algorithms, revealing links between businesses, owners, suppliers and competitors. This unique collaboration of Clean Open Data, fresh technologies, and creative analytics energizes your business opportunities.


About the Generator at one:

the Generator at one opened its doors in 2010 to be the catalyst for interactive digital media growth in Niagara. The vision was simple: to create a utopia for interactive digital media (IDM) for companies, researchers and students. Adopting a model that has produced tremendous results in areas such as Silicon Valley, the seeds that were planted just a few short years ago at the Generator at one are now blossoming.

About Innovate Niagara:

Innovate Niagara helps entrepreneurs with leading-edge ideas to start, grow and succeed. Innovate Niagara is a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) through the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). Innovate Niagara assists emerging sectors and high-growth industries through business advisory services, tools and resources including a network of business incubators.


For more information:

Tamara Jensen
Communications and Outreach, Innovate Niagara
905.685.3460 ext. 417

Bob Lytle

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