July 14, 2016 1:42 pm Published by’s educ8ed Internship Program is designed to help students from grade 6-12 confront information in an easy way.  Our interns, coming from the Niagara Region or following online from Chicago, have volunteered this summer to learn how to become citizen data scientists.  Let them show you that data is not as overwhelming as it looks and follow them as they discover the world of data through educ8ed.

Day 14 – Communic8e

Tuesday, August 9th 2016

The day we have been waiting for! Bodies filled the St. Catharines Room at the DSBN Education Centre as our excited interns prepped to present their data stories to the public! Coffee and danishes were served as folks socialized while waiting to be blown away by these young Citizen Data Scientists. Five presentations were given by the interns, including one through a webinar by a student participating from Chicago. The interns were relieved to be done their presentations while sad that it marks the end of the inaugural educ8ed Internship Program. Family, friends, business professionals, and professors watched as these young minds shared their findings from this 5 week program.  Applause could be heard from down the hall as the crowd celebrated the interns’ accomplishments. A big congratulations goes to the educ8ed interns for a job well done! is extremely proud.



Day 13 – Communic8e

Monday, August 8th 2016

The interns worked hard finalizing details of their presentations and rehearsing. They believe that you’re never really done analyzing your data and making your presentation, there’s always something to be added or changed. The students are getting both excited and nervous for their big day where they will share their data stories about the topics they chose 5 weeks ago. They’ve come a long way and are extremely proud of what they have accomplished. It’s amazing to see students who are so young engaging in data and software that is used by professionals on a daily basis in a variety of fields. The interns have definitely learned a lot over the last month and everyone is excited to see what the next day holds.



Day 12 – Communic8e

Thursday, August 4th 2016

In order to be prepared for their data demonstration, the interns did not have a lesson today. They’re working hard to finish their presentations and any final analysis required to fully tell their data story. The interns used Tableau Public and PowerPoint to organize and communic8e their data findings. They enjoyed having the free time to focus on their projects and take into account all the different things they’ve learned over the last 4 weeks. Be prepared to be amazed at their final presentations on Tuesday, August 9th!



Day 11 – Communic8e

clock-1461689Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

Communic8tion is not all about writing!  Our interns are learning how difficult it can be to explain their findings to others.  Their lesson focused on public speaking, from small tricks on how to best present their speech to subtle body language indicators such as eye contact, posture and hand gestures.  With their final presentation coming up, they spent a lot of time practicing their story telling skills.  They know they have to be ready to communic8e their passion on August 9th… tick tock!



Day 10 – Communic8e

travel-1290348Tuesday, August 2nd 2016’s interns are entering the last portion of their voyage.  Invigorated with their findings, they are now learning how to communic8e them effectively.  Their lesson focused mainly on writing reports and formatting their work in Tableau Public, which allows them to present their data in an interactive and visually appealing way.



Day 9 – Correl8e

pier-349672_1920Thursday, July 28th 2016

To make sure difficult concepts from the correl8e portion were well integrated into our interns’ respective projects, the lesson was spent applying the diverse techniques learned during the past two weeks to their datasets.



Day 8 – Correl8e

highway-1031149_1920Tuesday, July 26th 2016

Interns are now discovering the power of multiple linear regression with two or more variables.  Using RapidMiner and Excel to practice their newly acquired skills, they performed their first linear regression analysis to determine how traffic volume, time of day and windspeed affect Carbon Monoxide emissions.  In their second practice-run, they then tried to determine the final sale price of grandfather clocks in an auction based on the clock’s age and the numbers of individuals placing a bid on it.  Things are definitely getting more and more interesting!



Day 7 – Correl8e

wall-1469803_1920Monday, July 25th 2016

The interns are now getting familiar with the territory they have covered.  Their entire lesson focused on understanding correl8tions in more details.  Gaining a deeper understanding of how different types of correl8tions can be formed, they also learned how data can be misrepresented.  The second part of the day was spent creating a decision tree in RapidMiner using data about Titanic.  Their findings showed that the most important factor determining whether or not an individual would survive the sinking of the ship was their gender (male vs female), even though the correl8tion between the two was not very strong.



Day 6 – Correl8e

old-faithful-951962Thursday, July 21st 2016

After spending some time exploring data, our interns are finally starting to discover some interesting patterns. Led by two of our best analysts, they learned about measures of central tendency, such as the median, mean and mode. They also covered different types of data (ordinal, interval and ratio). They then applied that knowledge and plotted simple datasets on Old Faithful, one of Yellowstone National Parks’ geyser. Their graphs revealed that the longer it took between two eruptions, the longer the eruption itself would last.



Day 5 – Correl8e

horse-802043Tuesday, July 19th 2016

Interns have started to explore their datasets using the Excel Analysis  Toolpak.  Guided by’s founder Bob Lytle, they learned how to question the reliability of their data. The lesson also focused on advanced Excel operations, including sorting in pivot tables, descriptive statistics commands, and colour schemes. The interns did several exercises and found that when income increases, teen pregnancy decreases, and that countries with students attending post secondary institutions tend to perform better in the Olympics.  Their journey through the world of correl8tions has started in the right direction.  Their next steps will lead them to uncover why and how correl8ed factors influence each other.



Day 4 – Correl8e

moai-207669Monday, July 18th 2016

Our interns are finally starting the second stage of their voyage: two weeks of correl8tion.  After gathering their data, they now have to learn how to clean it!  Ren Li, our most experienced data analyst, showed them how to use OpenRefine to standardize their data.  They did some coding in GREL, including how  to remove duplicate records and symbols such as “%”from text in the datasets.


DAY 3 – Investig8e

Thursday, July 14th 2016

Already, the internship has reached the end of its first week!  Our interns have worked hard, and are realizing that their adventure has just begun.  The lesson focused on using pivot tables in Excel, an essential skill for a quick overview of the data, creating a survey and doing a little more research on their respective topics.  Their young minds are inquisitive, and they are very excited to be sharing their questions and gathering answers.  Help them learn more about data, and take their survey.


DAY 2 – Investig8e

Tuesday July 12th

Our interns are excited about their topics; their interests differ wildly, from child poverty to Olympic swimming data and crime rates in Chicago.   Once they chose a theme to investigate, research became necessary.  A quick lesson outlining a couple of tricks got them going in the right direction, and just like experienced sailors, they have already planned their voyage.  Data has started to appear in Excel sheets and research questions have been defined.  Which clues will they follow and where will this lead them?  Their adventure is just starting.


DAY 1 – Investig8e

Monday, July 11th 2016

The first lesson of the internship program focused on asking the right questions.  Bob Lytle, founder of, guided the interns in their reflexions and discussed how to approach their topic.  They explored  situations such as the Dallas shootings and discussed the different triggers and social causes of the conflict.  The interns also realized that statistics can be used to support opposite opinions.  The hardest part is to get to the truth of the story.

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