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Check out what our 2016 Summer educ8ed Interns accomplished!

In the future, everyone will need analytics skills. Many fields require confronting information and making evidence-based decisions. This involves collecting, understanding, interpreting and communicating data. IBM calls this role a Citizen Data Scientist and this skill set is essential for future generations. wants to provide students with the means to acquire these skills.

Advancements in technology and data are accelerating exponentially. The explosion of the Internet has generated more data than we could possibly handle using manual processes. Current methods have worked for decades, but it’s time to embrace what 2016 has to offer. The resources exist to provide students with the knowledge and training for the future, and now offers an opportunity to use them. We have created a solution to promote data understanding within students, aligned with the Ontario Curriculum for grades 6-12, and we need our students’ opinions.

By placing modern analytics tools and relevant examples in the hands of students and teachers, they gain meaningful experience as they explore fresh, relevant data. This is the same technology and approach our company uses to perform data analysis and accomplish research for clients. Our simple and engaging approach builds the skills necessary for success in the Information Economy.

Our internship program guides students through the “educ8ed” process, providing them with data analysis experience, as well as the excitement of testing a new educational solution.  Their empowering journey at will lead them to discover new trends and facts about topics that interest them, while gaining valuable volunteer experience and knowledge essential for their academic and career development.  Our own research analysts will lead participants in their discoveries at the Generator at One from July 11th to August 9th.


What do students gain from this experience?


  • Essential data analysis skills and knowledge to prepare them for advanced school work and their future as a Citizen Data Scientist
  • Volunteer hours (40 – 100)
  • certificate
  • Networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • An unforgettable experience



Students going through the program are going to gain data analyzing experience aligned with the Ontario Curriculum in a business setting providing real, relevant, hands-on experience. is going to teach them exactly how we do it so students can face real world challenges on their own.


Week 1 (Investig8e)


-Choosing topics


-Collecting data


Week 2 -3 (Correl8e)


-Using technology

-Cleaning data

-Finding trends/patterns in data

-Making connections/correlations

-Interpreting data

Week 4 (Communic8e)

keyboard-943746_960_720 - Copy


-Drawing conclusions

-Writing reports (grades 9-12)

-Creating presentations and visualizations



Week 5 (Presentations)



-Rehearse presentations

-Review of concepts



What Students Will Learn


Program Features


-Candidates will participate in an “interview” to discuss their skills and interests team’s support and training

-Workspace in FueledMinds


-Tools/technology that students may use are:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • OneDrive
  • Rapid Miner
  • Open Refine
  • Tableau Public

Note: The tools/technology used depends on the grade level and project of the individual student

What do students need to participate?



-A laptop that they can bring with them

-Curiosity and a desire to learn

-Signed consent forms


For more information on the internship program or the interns’ final presentation, please contact Lead Data Instructor, Meghan Monaghan at


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